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[Archive & Menu] is the home page of DynaRod functions which provides menu of processing functions and the list of rod tapers in the system.

Function Buttons

All the functions of DynaRod work by pressing function buttons.  Major functions are shown on the upper part of the panel and arranged in the sequence that users should follow when analyzing and designing a rod.

Sequence of process

For one rod, users need to proceed the functions in the sequence listed below;

There are several reasons for the sequence.  [Parts Spec. ] affords the capability to specify specific parts and arrangement, which may affects to the calculation of numbers.  [Rod Balance] will determine the length of Grip and Reel seat which is drawn on the output rod graphs. [Deflection/Stress] results are referred to as a template for the following [Design by] functions.

By following this rule, users can have a confidence that the Archived rods are assured with the relevant information integrated, and/or the processed status of the rod.

[New Rod Entry]
[Change Spec.]
[Parts Spec.]
[Rod Balance]
[Deflection / Stress], [Dynamic Deflection]
[Design by Deflection]  or  [Design by Stress ]
[PF/NC Mill Setting]

[Design by Deflection] or [Design by Stress] needs to process [Deflection / Stress] calculation beforehand to acquire the rod specs to be templated, even if you want to design a rod from scratch.   To design a rod from scratch, user have only to neglect the template, but the template is anyway necessary because of the program logic's requirement.

Process Status

This field on the panel shows the status which functions are completed for each rod.  The alphabet in this field are matching to the shortcut key which are recorded on function buttons.  As DynaRod is tracking the process sequence using this status field, user can receive a message to the effect if the sequence of process is not proper.

How to select a rod for processing

To process a rod, users need to select a rod by clicking any part of the rod raw on the screen.   When a rod is selected, record pointer (a triangle mark at the left most column) will move to the raw, then press one of the function buttons to be performed for the rod.

Data Input

[Archive & Menu] panel (hereafter we just call it as Archive) will not accept any data update except for deleting a rod entry or entries.  It is for safety purpose to prevent it from unexpected  change by slippage of fingers.  When need to change the rod specification, use [Change Spec.] or other panel which accepts the change.   [Change Spec] will refresh the processing status so that user need to redefine [Parts Spec.] and redo the functions after it.  This will assure you that the input specifications and the output numbers and graphs are relevant.

Work on this panel

How to change list order

Select a column by which you want to rearrange the order of the listing.  
Click right button of mouse will show you a pop up menu.
Select [Sort Ascending] or [Sort Descending] from the menu.
To resume to the original order of the list, select [release sort/filter]

Filtering the list

User can filter the list of rods.  When you want to list only the rod with 7 feet, just click on the rod length field (feet part) which carries 7, and press right button and select [selective filter], which will refresh the archive screen with the list of all the 7 feet rods in Archive.
If you select [non selective filter], you will have a refreshed screen with all the 7 feet rods are hidden.  When you want to resume to the original full line list, click right button of mouse at any place and select [release sort/filter].

Deleting the list

To delete a line, several lines or the entire lines of the list, select the line(s) and

hit [Delete] button of the Archive panel
hit [Delete] key of PC
select "Delete" via right button of the mouse

When a rod on the list is deleted, all the related data to the rod are also deleted.  For instance, dimension data, rod parts data are also deleted.   Thus, DynaRod is housekeeping the data base so that no garbage is remained in the system.  

When you want to replace the contents of the DynaRod Archive entirely, you may need to delete the entire entries on the Archive, and after then, import the new data via [Import/Export] panel.

To select multiple lines, keep pressing left button of mouse and move the cursor through the lines on the left most column of the panel.

To display a newly added rod on Archive list

Archive will not show the rod which is added during the same session, whether it is manually entered via [New Entry] or generated by a function until the screen is refreshed.  There is a functional button, [Refresh Archive], that refreshes the screen. 
Right button of mouse can also refresh the screen by any of [sort/filter/release].
Once DynaRod is closed and restarted, the screen is also refreshed.

Data on the screen

Title Meaning
# Record  number of Archive, increases 1 when a new entry is made.  Access's auto number field.
Rod ID The ID assigned to a rod by user, up to 15 digit.
Rod Title Formal name of the rod.
Status Process status.  Alphabet is the one on short cut key of each function button
Type of rod This field shows Rod Type in 5 characters starting with "must words" of "Fly", "Lure", "Boat" and "Egging".  "Egging" is a kind of Lure rod which aims to fish a kind of squid in Japan.  

Deviation is allowed to further categorize the Rod Type such as "Fly01", "Boat-A", "Lure-B", etc..  The type of rod is corresponding to the type of a guide set which is to be mounted on the rod.   DynaRod will try to search the relevant guide set in [Parts Design],  to decide how to calculate and to select the required output graphs according to this field.

Rod Length Entire length of the rod with feet and inch
Line Wt For Fly rod only.  "na" is shown for other rod types.
Type of Fly Line and Weight number
Rod Section Type Even length section or One and Half
Rod Pieces Number of rod pieces
Used Bamboo Specie of bamboo which is used for the rod
Cross Section Area shape of the rod
Solid/Hollow Choice of Solid or Hollow made of the rod
Hollow Ratio Inner dimension / outer dimension ratio.  e.g.  0.6 
Ferrule Type Standard size or Truncated size of Ferrule
Action Length The length of the rod from tip top, where user expects the rod to act and react.   When user does not specify this field, system defaults by Rod Length - 10 inch.
Line to Fish  For Fly rod only.  Zero is shown for other rod types.
The length of fly line which are in the air when fishing.
PF Station PF station interval in inch.
Thickness of Varnish Thickness of varnish included in taper.  This thickness is subtracted when making 1" taper at [Parts Spec.]
Thickness of Glue Thickness of glue included in taper.  This thickness is subtracted when making 1" taper at [Parts Spec.]
Rod Speed G Assumed rod speed in G, actually this is acceleration divided by gravity acceleration, (9.8m/secsec equivalent).
Weight oz Assumed weight of a fly, lead weight,   lure.
Fish Wt oz Assumed fish weight 
Rod Comment Memo or comments for the rod

Function Buttons

The alphabet in parenthesis is called as short cut key.  Pressing [ALT] + Alphabet key is exactly same to pressing the function button which has the same alphabet.

Button Name short cut key Functions
Delete (Z) Used to delete the entry for the rod.  Database is set referential integrity so that the related information are maintained in integrated manner.  Deletion of Archive record will also delete all the related parts, dimension, data at the same time.  No garbage remained by this.
New Entry (A) To add a new rod to the Archive.
Change Spec. (B) To change the basic specifications of the rod
Parts Spec. (C) The function to define rod parts which are attached to the rod.  Auto generation feature exists.
Rod Balance (D) The function to design rod balance.
Deflection / Stress (E) The function to calculate rod deflection and stress for a static rod model.
Dynamic Deflection (F) The function to calculate rod deflection and stress for a dynamic rod model.
Design by Deflection (G) The function to calculate dimensions from the designed rod deflection and action pattern.
Design by Stress (H) The function to calculate dimensions from the defined stress curve.
PF/NC Setting (P) The function to generate PF setting information and parts arrangement form, or NC mill controls
Table  Menu (T) The menu screen to reach to each of table setting. 8 tables are maintained under this.
Directory / License  (L) The function to view the location of data directory and the License Information.
Export / Import Data (X) The function to Export and Import the data of DynaRod.  Used for back up and recovery.
My Default (W) Personalize default.
Refresh Archive (R) Refreshes Archive screen
Quit DynaRod (Q) Closes DynaRod.
Reset Status (Y) Resets Status field to initial status for the rod.
Windows X mark inside Closes the displayed panel.  As X mark is easy to miss-treat, please use function button or short cut key.
Windows X mark outside Closes DynaRod.  As X mark is easy to miss-treat, please use function button or short cut key.