Design by Deflection

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This function allows users to design a new rod taper or modify the existing rod taper by specifying rod deflection.

It was difficult to specify a deflected rod by means of tool or manually.  Especially it was the problem how to specify the small difference of deflection on the butt section.

If it became true, we could establish a new method to define the target rod by rod deflection.  DynaRod made it possible as its sub tool, Deflection Designer which works on Excel workbook.  DynaRod and Deflection Designer now co-works.  Deflection Designer will define the target rod shape and action requirements.  DynaRod receives the definition and calculate the dimension for the deflection.

DynaRod defines the word "Rod Deflection" as ;

Rod Deflection is the shape of flexure and type of rod action which are specified  by Rod Angle and Action Genome.

To design a completely new taper

As this program is so designed to start with a template rod in order to prepare the starting dimensions of a rod, user must select an existing rod as a template.

Then how to design a rod taper "from scratch"? 

It is WHEN changing the deflection via changing the Action Genome graph on "Deflection Designer" tool.  Just neglect the existing Action Genome of template and newly define the Action Genome line on the tool.     [Design by Deflection] program in DynaRod receives the newly defined Action Genome and calculate the newly designed dimensions as a completely new taper.