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Up Section Specification

Function General

This page allows users to change specifications of an original rod as desired.  In a case that the user wants to design a completely new rod, neglect the pre-copied spec. data and overtype the specification as desired.  The converted (or newly designed) rod specifications can be saved within Archive of DynaRod via [save as] button on [Comparison Graphs] page.

The status of the screen

When opened this panel, if the excel output for this rod already exists, the panel shows a message to that effect and shows the contents of the file.  When user redefines the target rod specification by this page and continues the processing, the existing file is overwritten by the new specification.  This is done only between the panel and the Excel file.  Nothing is recorded in the DynaRod Archive file.  If you want to record the results in DynaRod Archive, save all the calculated results by [Save as] button on [Comparison Graphs] page of this function.

If it is the first time to use this function for the rod, only this page is shown at first and the other pages will follow according to the progress.  

Function Buttons

Name Function
toggle unit switches the unit between pound/ounce and gram/kilo grams
Next accepts the specification changes, prepare for next panel and moves to  [Define Deflection]
Return to Archive returns to Archive screen
Section Specification displays Hybrid sections definition panel in case of Hybrid rod.
User can define Hybrid/Hollow specifications  on this panel.

Data on the screen

Name Meaning
(blue label)
When opened for the first time, original (template) rod spec. data are copied to these fields.  When past calculation exists, the field data at that time are invoked from the excel file.

user can change the specifications of these blue labeled fields.
Blue turns to Red when changed.

Solid/Hollow select Solid or Hollow
When Hollow is selected, Used Bamboo field is changed to "Hybrid" and [Section Specification] button becomes visible.
Users need to define Hybrid section specification via the displayed [Section Specification] button.
new Rod ID top 15 characters of  "def"+ (original Rod ID) is auto assigned.
The output excel file is named as new Rod ID + ".xls" in data folder.
new Title new rod title is also auto assigned as "converted from" + original Rod Title.