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Up Deflection Designer

Function General

This page is the center part of the DynaRod that enables users to design a rod by action genome and rod deflection.  This page affords several capability of below;  You can repeat the adjustment of dimensions until you get satisfied.

the comparison of before and after rod deflection
branch to and exporting data to Deflection Designer Excel tool
return from and importing data from Deflection Designer Excel tool
calculation of dimension from designed deflection

User should be familiar with that the rod movement assumption, "Translated Rod", is used in the calculation of this function.

The status of the screen

When opened this panel, if the excel output for this rod already exists, the panel shows a message to that effect and shows the contents of the file.  

When user redefines the target rod specification by this page and continues the processing, the existing file is overwritten by the new specification.

When this panel is displayed as a result of [Next] button of previous page, the panel shows you the deflection data based on the new specification.

Data on screen

Items Meaning
Graph Name shows the name of displayed graph
Tip Dimension at point 0 user can specify the point 0 dimension number to enforce the tip top dimension during the dimension calculation.
The unit of dimension can be toggled between inch an mm via [toggle unit] button.   To nullify the dimension, press [reset] button.
Rod Angle shows the template Rod Angle
Top Tangent Angle shows the template Tip Top Tangent Angle

Function Buttons

Name Function
Deflection shows the deflection graph of target rod specification
Original Rod shows the comparison graph between target and original rod deflection.  Red line is original and Blue line is the target rod.
Design Deflection invokes Deflection Designer Tool to change or newly define the rod deflection data.

Prompt message is displayed as,
"Starting up Deflection Designer from now.  After completing your design, close Excel and save the file."
then, press OK.

screen is switched to Excel Deflection Designer Tool automatically.
(if not, find Excel mark on task bar and click it)

(work on Deflection Designer)

(Close Excel and save file)

returns to this screen automatically. (if not, find the DynaRod on task bar and click it)

prompt message is shown as;
"We will import deflection data from Deflection Designer workbook."

then, press OK to continue.

press [CALCULATE dimension] button

CALCULATE dimension starts the calculation from deflection data to dimension.
During the calculation prompt message as ;
"No of Repeats:  x   Convergence Precision xxxxxxxx"

press OK to continue.

turns to [Comparison Graphs] for your review.

Return to Archive returns to Archive screen