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This function enables user to export (make back up files ) or to import (restore from the back up files) of DynaRod data.

How to use this function

  1. Select Export or Import check box
  2. Select Table which is to be export/import
  3. Specify Backup version id
  4. Press Execute button

The file format is excel worksheet.
The file names are in convention of:

(table name) + (backup version id) + ".xls"
ex.  Archive00.xls  (backup version id=00)

The data with check box turned on, are only processed for Export or Import.

The folder "DBbackup" under DynaRod home directory is used to store backup.

Function Buttons

Name Function
Execute starts execution of specified operation of Export or Import
Return to Archive returns to Archive screen

Data on the screen

Item Meaning
Backup Version specifies the version id for a set of back up files
Select Function specifies the operation of Export or Import
Select All the Data turns on/off all the data check boxes of DynaRod
Select All the Basic Data turns on/off all the Basic Data check boxes
Select All the Work Data turns on/off all the Work Data check boxes
Select All the Table Data turns on/off all the Table Data check boxes
check box for each data turns on/off each data check box


In import operation, Access checks record id. (or record number) in order to write or not to write the record on to DynaRod database.  If the same record id. exists in the database, it is not written as duplicate record.  So, user needs to erase those record id. prior to import operation if backup records are to be restored in DynaRod database.

On the other hand, for Table Data, as these database does not define record id. in it, the import operation will write the same record twice into DynaRod database.  So, the Table Data also need to be erased prior to import operation if the back up records are to be restored.

User can renumber the record id on Excel backup files and restore the backup file with new record id. if user want to write backup records in a different order.  But special care is needed so that the same record contents are recorded with different record id..

To erase records from DynaRod database, open the corresponding panel and select all the records and hit delete button in most cases.  For Basic Data and Work Data, deletion of Archive records on the Archive panel will erase all the Data with Referential Integrity relationship, except for Casting Style data.  To erase Casting Style data, user need to go to [Dynamic Deflection] panel and press [View/Delete Casting Style] button.

Version up of DynaRod

In a case user needs to migrate to a new DynaRod version, the entered data may need to be passed into the new version.   If this is the case, make backup files of old version DynaRod and copy entire "DBbackup" folder to another place.  Then erase the old version directory and install new version.

On the new version, copy the contents of stored old backup files to "DBbackup folder, and run Import operation.  If backup records are need to be restored, user must erase the corresponding database records of new version prior to importation.
Or, just try to import without consideration, then duplicate record are not imported, except for Table Data.

As Table Data always comes with new version, if user did not modify the contents in old version, it is recommended to use the new system Table Data as it is.