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Up My Default(Hollow Spec.)

My Default page enables you to default the following fields;   these defaults can also be changed at any time through this panel.   Right after the change, the change becomes effective.

My Default page is tab controlled for the two pages below;

Defaults for general purpose defaults
Default when generating Hollow specification

Function Button

Button Name Function
Return to Archive returns to Archive panel

My Defaults - General


DynaRod can display the titles of panels, fields, buttons, prompts and some of data contents in either of English or Japanese.  This field is set accordingly to the language version of packages, initially.  For English version package, the language is set to "English", and "Japanese" for Japanese version of package.  A special caution is needed if you change the language to "Japanese" outside of Japan.   Sometimes, the Japanese words on the panel could not be displayed correctly because of the code pages you installed.  .


"Japanese" language uses "MSP Gothic" and "English" uses "Arial" in DynaRod originally.  If these character sets were not installed in your PC, an alternative character set may be used by the discretion of Microsoft Access.  Language and Font becomes effective right after user get out of MyDefault panel.

Unit of Measure   

Users can default the same unit of measure through entire pages of Dynarod until it is changed.   Unit of measure can be toggled by [toggle Unit] buttons which are placed on the various panels.   

The unit of measure is affected by three causes listed below;

  1. Specification on My Default
  2. [toggle Unit] buttons

Archive Integrity

DynaRod is aiming to keep the integrity of data contents which are recorded in the Archive.  Integrity dose mean not only for backing up the data and for recovery, but keeping the dependencies among processed results of various functions.  For instance, the calculated numbers and graphs depend on the definition of dimensions which were entered through [New Rod] or [Change Specs.],  of [Rod Parts] for the weight of parts and of [Rod Balance] for the length of reel seat and grip to draw rod graphs.  Whenever you opened the relevant panel such as [Change Specs.], [Rod Parts], [Rod Balance], [Deflection/Stress], [Dynamic Deflection], the results and information (cause and effects in other words) are always assured.  If this integrity is not maintained, you would see the different set of results from what you entered last time.  Because of this, it follows that you always have to re-calculate the results from the beginning (from dimension entry) whenever you want to see it.

This is the reason why DynaRod is persistently keeping the sequence of function execution which is controlled via Processing Status field.  If you change any of rod specs., DynaRod will turn off the existing results of functions so that the information and results should be  co-related.

However, this might be too strict in such an occasion where users are well aware of the integrity requirements of DynaRod and be careful enough for it.  So this option will enable users to loosen the integrity restriction a little on the changes of dimension numbers as follows;

For Rod ID which name start with "myrod" like "myrod1", "myrodalpha", etc., DynaRod always allows you to change dimension numbers on [Deflection/Stress] and [Dynamic Deflection], without going back to [Change Specs.].  As DynaRod will not care about the integrity between [Rod Parts] and [Rod Balance], you can re-calculate the results after changing dimension numbers without the intervention of [Rod Parts] and [Rod Balance] panels.  The "myrod" lines are such places where you are responsible on all about.  If you think you need to modify Parts arrangements, you should go to [Rod Parts] and change data as you intend, after you changed the dimension numbers.

For other rod entries than "myrod" on Archive, DynaRod basically doesn't permit to change dimension data in the course of calculation.  The changes of dimension numbers can only be permitted on [Change Spec.] panel.  If you specify this default as "Archive Integrity= NO", DynaRod permits you to modify dimension numbers during the calculation of [Deflection/Stress] and [Dynamic Deflection] without intervention of [Rod Parts] and [Rod Balance].  All the related dimension numbers are maintained between "User entered Taper" and "Internal 1" Taper" IF you save the changes.  DynaRod will not accept any other integrity responsibility if "Archive Integrity=NO" is specified.  Users are responsible to keep the interdependency among the weight of rod parts, the length of rod drawings on graphs, and on the co-relationship between the dimension numbers in Archive and the calculated results such as moment, deflection, genome, stress values and all the graphs.  These are users responsibility when "Archive Integrity=NO".

This default can only be changed via My Default panel.

Line to Fish

This default is used when a new rod is defined.

Select Input option

This option is displayed on Input Option page of [New Rod] and [Change Spec.] panel respectively to default how to enter dimension numbers.  The value is changed by the Input Option fields placed on [New Rod], [Change Spec.] and [My Default].

Output PF Station Interval

PF Station interval field adapts dual defaulting system.  One is used when entering or invoking dimension data to/from Archive.  The first attempt on [New Rod] panel, the PF Station Interval is defaulted to 5" by DynaRod.  Users can change this default to any value in pull down list.  The selected PF Station Interval is recorded on Archive record for each rod.  When the rod data is invoked for processing, the recorded PF Station Interval is displayed. This information only works for reference as the dimension was entered in such interval.

Another defaulting system is for Output.  When you generate PF Setting information or NC Mill control setting, new taper through [Design by Deflection] or [Design by Stress], this Output PF Station Interval is used as default.    So, even if an Archive record shows that its PF Station Interval is entered by 5", you can generate a new taper by this Output PF Station Interval.  Of-course, both can be same.

The Output PF Station Interval can be changed by specifying another value on the following panels;

My Default
Design by Deflection
Design by Stress
PF/NC Mill Setting

The default is merely on the field of "PF Station Interval".     Since DynaRod is handling all the dimension interval in 1 inch, this effect has a meaning of passing the PF interval value to PF/NC Mill setting panel.

Minimize Designer Tool's prompt

Both of [Design by Deflection] and [Design by Stress] issues as many prompt messages as necessary to navigate the users to press necessary button, when communicating with Excel Designer Tools.  However, when users becomes well accustomed with the operation, some of those messages be felt too much.  In such case, this option will suppress some non mandatory messages.  If you select "YES" on this field, DynaRod will suppress non-mandatory prompt when you communicate with both of designer tools (Excel).