** January 2020 UPDATE **

Apparently people are having difficulty installing DynaRod, especially when using Access Runtime. I have had DynaRod working on my Windows 10 desktop computer with both Access 2010 and Access Runtime, however the latter was tested after Office 2010 was fully installed followed by an uninstallation of Access 2010 so I expect there was some residual References or other internal stuff left over from the full install that allowed it to work properly.  As a test, I tried to install DynaRod on my Microsoft Surface and was unable to get it functioning properly using Access Runtime.

I'm trying to work with Max to figure out the issue but for now my best suggestion is to use the full version of Access/Office rather than the Runtime linked below. As I mention below, I have DynaRod working just fine on my Windows 10 machine with 16GB RAM, Office 2010, and the Locale-Emulator linked below.

DynaRod v3.3 full program - 13.4mb (.zip)
Extract the contents of the .zip file then double click on the DynaRod shortcut or DynaRod7V33.accde to run the program.
I have run across three different possible warnings when installing and running the program for the first time. Once you click through you shouldn't see any of them again.
  1. Microsoft Access Security Notice - Click 'Open'
  2. Specified Data Folder not found - Click 'OK'
  3. SECURITY WARNING: Macros have been disabled - Click 'Enable Content'
Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime
DynaRod requires Microsoft Excel and either Microsoft Access or Access Runtime. It has been tested with several versions of MS Office but may not work with all of them. If you already have Access installed on your computer you don't need to download Runtime 2016.

You will want to download the 32-bit version file labeled accessruntime_4288-1001_x86_en-us.exe

DynaRod was originally coded in Japanese and when it was migrated to English there arose an error that caused one function to not work properly (the Dynamic Deflection 'F' button). A workaround for this can be done in one of two ways.
  • Use the free Locale-Emulator program linked above to run DynaRod.
    Download then run the .exe file. Once installed, right click on the DynaRod shortcut or the DynaRod7V33.accde file and select Locale Emulator -> Run in Japanese.
  • Set your Windows System Locale to Japanese.
    Control Panel -> Region (Change Location) -> Administrative -> Change System Locale
Both solutions will cause Japanese characters to show up in a few nonessential places and otherwise fixes the 'F' button issue and preserves the full functionality of DynaRod.
All my testing has been done using Excel/Office 2007 and 2010 with various versions of Windows (XP, Win7, and Win10).  I have no idea if DynaRod will run on any Mac OS or in a virtual environment on Mac or Linux systems.
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