- A Simulation of Casting and corresponding deflection of a rod -

This simulation is made for a certain style of casting from pick-up, false-cast and end at shooting. All movements were calculated by a program.

Acceleration of Tip Top in Picking up: 4G (G is Gravity Acceleration equivalent)
Acceleration of Tip Top in Backward Cast, Forward Cast, Shooting: artificially set to 4G

Corresponding to the rod movement and acceleration, deflection was calculated.

The purpose of this simulation is to identify how a rod, which I am planning to make, would deflect in such a casting motion.

Dynamic rod deflection (left) and corresponding Stress Graph (right)

Rod: Paul H. Young's Parabolic #15 with light tip,
8' 3 pieces (converted), WF6 Wt.
casting line length=60 feet .

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