Rectangular Tip Quadrate Tapers
4 Weight
  • RF Taper - 7'6" 2pc
  • RF Taper - 7'9" 2pc
5 Weight
  • RF Taper - 8'0" 2pc
  • RF Taper - 8'3" 2pc
6 Weight
  • RF Taper - 8'3" 2pc
  • RF Taper - 8'6" 2pc
7 Weight
  • RF Taper - 8'6" 2pc

A standard quadrate rod is a rod with four sides and a square cross section. In contrast, rectangular rods are made asymetrical in cross section so that they are wider than they are tall. Creating a rod with this geometry results in action that is more stable, accurate, and dampens vibrations better than a standard quad or hexagonal rod.

Rather than make rods that are a standard rectangle, that is a rod that is rectangular and proportionally the same in cross section from butt to tip, I found that by gradually changing the geometry from a square, or symmetrical quad, in the butt section to a more rectangular, or asymetrical quad, in the tip you get a rod that is lighter weight with the superior stiffness-to-weight ratio of a standard quad plus the true tracking, stability, and other advantages of a rectangular quad. So by tapering from a quad butt to a rectangular tip the result is a crisp, lively rod that is light in hand, resists twisting, is more accurate, and has a smooth dampening of vibration and tip bounce.

I currently only have one taper that is made in the Rectangular Quad format called the "RF Taper".  It is a medium fast action progressive taper with a strategic softening in the upper 1/4, very similar to my Quad LM Taper.  It is a smooth, powerful do it all taper that has surprising delicacy and grace.

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