Rod Options
Select any of the categories listed in the column on the left to see the most common available rod options.  Most categories have a range of cosmetic or other variations that aren't shown.  Please ask if you are interested in something specific but don't see it listed.

You can peruse my Photo Gallery to see a variety of rod and component configurations from previous customers' rods.
When you purchase a Carlin bamboo rod you can expect everything about it to be top quality.  Each rod is personally handmade from raw culm to the last coat of varnish in my shop in Alaska.  Tapers are painstakingly designed and tested.  Rods are held to extremely tight tolerances, are arrow straight, free of glue lines, with buttery smooth ferrule fit.  Silk guide wraps are even, tight and low profile and the finish is durable and glassy smooth.  All components are the best quality available.  Rods can be specially outfitted for saltwater use upon request.

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