Mainspring Series Rods
Mainspring /mānˌspriNG/ n. : Something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity.
This series of rods comprises most of my favorites; those rods and tapers that I consider to be the finest at what they are made to do.  From the rod's geometry to the compound external taper through the internal hollow tapering every part of the rod has been carefully chosen, designed, tested and refined to enhance its desired attributes.  I'm especially proud of each one of these rods and I hope they will be as rewarding in your hand when fishing them as they are to me while making them.
  • Made from a single, select culm of bamboo
  • Mirror matched tips
  • Carefully flamed to a rich, medium reddish-brown
  • Top quality 18% hard drawn nickel silver ferrules
  • Nickel silver reel seat hardware
  • Beautiful hand-picked wood reel seat insert
  • Transparent guide wraps of the finest silk
  • Choice of color for highlights and optional tipping
  • Rich bronze Snake Brand or RECOIL guides
  • Select agate or RECOIL stripping guide
  • Top quality hand turned grip of Portuguese cork
  • High gloss protective spar varnish finish
Mainspring Rod Mainspring Rod
Mainspring Rod Mainspring Rod
Mainspring Rod Mainspring Rod
Mainspring Rod Mainspring Rod
Mainspring Rod Mainspring Rod
Mainspring Rods
Nonpareil :: $1795 2pc - $1895 3pc Configurations
Nonpareil /ˌnän-pə-ˈrel/ a. : Having no match or equal; unrivaled.
This is the rod you will want to have near at hand at all times.  The Nonpareil will make your dreams of standing waist deep in water, rod in hand.  From throwing dries across a still run to drifting nymphs on dropper rigs, this rod with its gentle tip softening, smooth progressive action, internally tapered hollow built anatomy and proportionally stiff butt can generate plenty of line speed for laying out long quiet casts or powerfully shooing line.  Ask it to roll cast or mend and it will do it with finesse and once you get that trophy fish on the line you'll have enough rod to get it to hand.

The Nonpareil comes appointed with a cigar, western, or half-wells grip and either a sliding band downlocking reel on the 4wt models or a downlocking threaded barrel seat on the 5 and 6wt models. SA#  0Mt
  • 4wt - 7'6" 2 or 3 pc - Hex
  • 4wt - 7'9" 2 or 3 pc - Quad
  • 5wt - 8'0" 2 or 3 pc - Hex or Quad
  • 6wt - 8'3" 2 or 3 pc - Hex

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Aurora :: $1795 2pc - $1895 3pc Configurations
Aurora /ə-ˈrȯr-ə/ n. : Luminous phenomenon of the upper atmosphere that occurs primarily at high latitudes.
The Aurora is a rod that was designed, tested, redesigned, and refined in Alaska.  It is at home on larger, faster rivers and tailwaters holding their distinctive stout and energetic fish.  It is a faster more powerful rod with the wood for making upstream twisting or roll casts, fast water mending, and throwing larger flies and weight.  It almost quivers with anticipation for the strike with its crisp, snappy hollow-built action yet the slight softening in the tip will comfortably cusion even the sharpest strike; and when the fight is on there is enough wood in the butt to keep those "one-in-a-thousand" fish under control.

The Aurora is appointed a western or half-wells grip and either a sliding band downlocking reel seat on the 5wt models or a downlocking threaded barrel seat on the 6 and 7wt models.  SA#  +1Mt
  • 5wt - 8'0" 2 or 3 pc - Hex
  • 5wt - 8'3" 2 or 3 pc - Quad
  • 6wt - 8'3" 2 or 3 pc - Hex
  • 6wt - 8'6" 2 or 3 pc - Quad
  • 7wt - 8'6" 2 or 3 pc - Hex or Quad

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Dry Fly :: $2295 Configurations
Dry Fly /ˈdrī-ˈflī/ n. : An artificial fishing fly that is made to float lightly on the surface of the water.
The Dry Fly is designed for a specific purpose.  Sure, it can handle all types of fishing, but it was built from the butt cap through the tip top as a rod for making accurate yet delicate casts with long leaders and fine dry flies.  The unique "Rectangular Tip Quad" geometry tactfully graduates from a standard symmetrical quadrate (square profile) in the butt section to a wider-than-tall rectangular quadrate shape in the tip.  This, plus the unique internally tapered hollowing process in both the butt and tip sections allong with the carefully crafted compound taper of the rod proper, gives this rod a smooth, subtle power and lightness you can only get from a quadrate while the rectangular tip resists twisting and dampens vibrations helping keep your fly on target and your line level, straight and quiet.  A balance of unique geometry, internal hollow taper, an external taper exhibiting a fast progressive action and a distinct softening near the tip and, of course, aesthetics result in a rod I am especially proud of.

The Dry Fly 3 and 4wt rod comes standard with a cigar grip and an all cork reel seat with sliding band hardware.  The 5wt is fitted with a subtle western-shaped grip and sliding band cork core reel seat.  The 6wt comes with a full wells grip and a downlocking threaded barrel cork core seat.  Hardware is specially chose and modified for lightness:  Guide feet and tip tops are trimmed and shortened, ferrules are truncated, and wraps are kept to a minimum.  SA#  +1mT
  • 3wt - 7'3" 2 piece - trQuad
  • 4wt - 7'9" 2 piece - trQuad
  • 5wt - 8'3" 2 piece - trQuad
  • 6wt - 8'6" 2 piece - trQuad
Walkabout :: $2095 Configurations
Walkabout /ˈwȯ-kə-ˌbau̇t/ n. : Wander around from place to place in a leisurely way; absence from work.
Have you ever wanted a bamboo rod that would fit inside your backpack or carry-on luggage?  The Walkabout is just that.  Though it is a 4 piece rod that measures in at 27" or less disassembled, don't let the short tube worry you.  What is inside is a perfectly designed bamboo rod that can handle a huge range of fishing situations, from airing out bushy dries to difinitively mending double nymph rigs.  It is a medium-fast to fast action rod with truncated ferrules and built hollow for lightness and to add a little extra snap to the action.  Portability doesn't have to mean fishing graphite or sacrificing feel.  The 7wt and 8wt versions are exceptional for big trout and steelhead and are also great light-saltwater rods for targeting those feisty bonefish, permit or whatever else will hit a fat streamer in the salt.

The Walkabout comes with a western or half-wells grip and either a sliding band downlocking reel seat on the 5wt models, a downlocking threaded barrel seat or uplocking threaded barrel seat with a short fighting butt on the 6, 7 and 8wt model.  Titanium RECOIL guides and stripping guides are used on the 7 and 8wt models.  SA#  +0Mt (5/6wt)  +1Mt (7/8wt)
  • 5wt - 8'0" 4 piece - Hex
  • 6wt - 8'3" 4 piece - Hex
  • 7wt - 8'6" 4 piece - Hex
  • 8wt - 8'9" 4 piece - Hex
Bantam :: $1795 Configurations
Bantam /ˈbanˌtəm/ a. : Of small stature; tiny.
The Bantam is a diminutive small stream rod.  Its medium-slow full-flexing action lets the rod load easily with a supple line and fine leader.  For those delicate, plunge pool casts or for bobbing dry flies in creeks that are small enough to step across.  Can comfortably, and surprisingly, reach out to 50' but excels in the shorter ranges up to 30'.

The Bantam comes with full intermediate wraps in clear or colored to match the highlight wraps and/or tipping, cigar or western style grip and an uplocking sliding band reel seat.  SA#  -1bM
  • 3wt - 6'3" 3 piece - Hex
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