rQ8662 Tapered Rectangular Tip Quad - 2/2 6wt - Hollow
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Taper  rQ8662 - Hollow
Length & Configuration  8'6" - 2/2
Line Weight  6
Seat  C22 w/ 1.5" Fighting Butt
Grip  Full Wells
Ferrules  CSE SDT ns
Guides  Snake Chrome
Wraps tbd
Price SOLD!
This is a brand new rod that is currently in production..  Wrap colors and wooden seat insert can be customized if you are interested and get in touch before I start wrapping the rod.

This rod is one of my tapered rectangular tip quadrates featuring a quad butt section that gradually tapers to a rectangle in the tip making for a smooth, stable, and very accurate rod.  The action is medium/fast action progressive that is hollow built for extra crispness and responsiveness. 

Cane is a beautiful, rich blonde color.  Grip is a full wells shape with an internal screw lock, nickel silver seat with a built in fighting butt.  Includes aluminum rod tube with brass hardware and a fitted rod sack.

Normal price for this rod is $1995 but I'm offering it at a discounted $1395.  USPS shipping is free within the US, international shipping is at cost.