Leonard 49 - 7'6" 2/2 5wt 
Taper Leonard 49
Length & Configuration 7'6" - 2 piece / 2 tip
Line Weight 5
Seat Downlocking Sliding Band w/ Walnut burl insert
Grip 6" cigar
Ferrules CSE T Natural
Guides Snake Brand Natural
Wraps tbd
Price Normal $1495 - Sale: $1095
This rod is in production and will be complete by the end of the December.

The taper is the classic Leonard 49 with a very light tip and a smooth, medium action overall. A really nice, sensitive taper for dries, very small wet flies, and long, fine leaders.  The cane is a lovely medium-dark flamed and all hardware is chrome/natural.  Seat is a Bellinger DLSB660 with a walnut burl insert.  Grip is a 12 ring slim cigar.  Includes a rod sack and aluminum and brass tube.

I will be wrapping the rod the weekend of the 19th and will choose a wrap color then.  If you are interested and get in touch before then I'd be happy to wrap using any color you prefer.