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Up Cut & Paste Design Straight Taper Dimension Input

Function General

This panel proposes three optional input methods.  User can select either one according to the situation.

How to proceed

  1. Select one of check boxes from the three options
  2. Select the unit for dimension numbers between inch and mm
  3. Press [Show Input Pad] button

Optional input methods

Dimension Input 

This will lead you to Dimension input panel.  
User needs to enter the dimension data one by one by PF station interval.

Cut & Paste

This will show up the cut & paste pad on the same panel.  
User can cut & paste several pairs of rod point and dimension number onto the pad.
Web pages, word documents and/or excel data list can be copied and pasted.

Design Straight Taper

This will show up a new panel for designing a straight taper.
This allows user to design a straight taper rod or to design a rod by the slope and stand up method of dimension.