Center of Gravity Graph

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Up Section Specification

This graph shows the center of gravity location on the loaded rod as well as guide spacing.

[toggle unit] button will change the unit of measure and re-displays the graph.

User can change the following basic rod specifications on this panel instead of going back to [Change Spec] panel.

Name Meaning
Used Bamboo selects the bamboo to be used for the rod.
Selecting "Hybrid" here requires the section information on [Rod Parts] must be specified.
Solid / Hollow select Solid or Hollow
When Hollow is selected, Used Bamboo field is changed to "Hybrid" and [Section Specification] button becomes visible.
Users need to define Hybrid section specification via the displayed [Section Specification] button.

Function Buttons

Name Function
Section Specification displays Section Information panel for Hybrid/Hollow specification.
toggle Unit changes the unit in turn.
return to Archive return to Archive panel.