Guide Spacing

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Function General

This feature calculates guide spacing automatically.

Function buttons

Name Function
Do Guide Spacing calculates guide spacing according to the input data on the screen.  Can be pressed any number of times.  This button update rod parts data on guide automatically and save them in DynaRod.
(re) Show Graph refreshes Rod Parts Arrangement graph
toggle unit switches unit between yardage and metric.
Return to Archive returns to Archive screen

Data on the screen

Some of basic rod data are shown on the top left part of the screen for reference.

Center of screen - Guide Size
This part of screen shows number of guides, sizes, and whether or not those guides are overlapped with ferrules, visually.

Item Meaning
Guide number shows from #1 to #16 as header
Size Change=> shows the guide size in sequence.
The guide size with S is for Stripping guide, and nn after S is the size of Stripping guide diameter (inner diameter) of the ring.
Verify Overlap=> This fields shows whether or not guides are overlapped with ferrule.   OK means no overlap, xxx means overlapped.
This overlap is calculated by adding 10 mm on both side to the   center of snake guides' location.  Further details should be confirmed on the location data in the [Rod Parts Specification] window.

Lower part of the screen

Rod Parts Arrangement graph is shown.  When the unit is toggled, unit of graph axes also be changed.

Auto Guide Spacing (upper right corner)

In guide spacing calculation, the guide number must be decided first.  Fixing the guide at a certain location, spacing is calculated with a certain ratio of proportion.

Usually the stripping guide location is used for the base (or index).  But it is also possible for users to specify another snake guide as the base (or index).  For instance, as 6 th snake is overlapping with ferrule, user may want to fix the 6 th snake guide just apart from the ferrule which never overlaps with ferrule.  

It is also possible to change the spacing by increasing or decreasing the proportion ratio.

Data on the screen

Item Meaning
Location of Stripping Guide defaulted as generated parts data.
specifies the distance from the butt end if need to change.
Number of Guides defaulted by auto generation of parts and displayed.
This number includes Stripping guide and no Top guide.
To change the number of guides, user needs to change the number on this field AND need to enter the size number at the corresponding position of the "Size Change=>" columns.
Increasing Ratio of Interval Guide spacing is to increase the ratio of spacing from one interval to next.  Changing this ratio will give another arrangement.  This field specifies how much to be increased for each of intervals.
Number is the additional percentage to the previous, as 1.1 meaning 10% increase to the previous interval.
Indexing a Guide Other than stripping guide, user can specify which position of guide is to be indexed (fixed) to the fix location.  
Usually need not to specify if stripping guide is used.
fix location specifies the location to which the index guide is to be fixed.  The number is the offset from tip top.