Rod Parts Specification

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Function General

Screen on entry

When this panel is opened, if [Rod Parts] was performed before, the page tabs of [Rod Parts specification], [Guide Spacing] and [Section Specification] are all shown.

When this panel is executed for the first time for a rod, only the first page shows up without [Guide Spacing] and [Section Specification] tabs.

This screen display does not always match to the Status field on the screen.  If the [Change Spec]  is performed after [Rod Parts], [Change Spec] will erase the [Rod Parts] position in the Status field even though actual [Rod Parts]  carries parts data.  In this case, user needs to press [Generate Parts Data] or [Save if changed] button to resolve this conflicts.

When [Generate Parts Data] is pressed again, and if some of rod parts data were manually modified after auto generation, those modifications will be all gone.  User needs to modify the necessary parts data again manually if necessary.  To secure this, warning message will prompt you if you want to override the existing data or not.   If manually entered parts data are to be unchanged, press [Save if changed] button to save the screen data in the Archive, which also resolve the Status field inconsistency.

Function buttons

Name Function
toggle unit switches unit between inch and mm
Generate Parts Data generates rod parts data automatically and save them in DynaRod.  If parts data already exits, they are overwritten.
updates [Rod Parts] position in Status field.  This button also generates 1" internal taper at the same time.
Save if Changed When generated parts data is manually modified, it is not automatically saved.  To save changes, user must press this button. This button also updates [Rod Parts] position of Status field.
Return to Archive returns to Archive screen

Data on the screen

The basic rod specification can be changed on this panel except for RodID, Rod Title, Rod Length, instead of returning to [Rod Parts] panel.

Item Meaning
Rod ID nick name of the rod
Rod Title formal name of the rod
Rod Comments comment, memo and remarks
Rod Type (*1) select from pull down.  Pull down contents come from the entry of Rod Type in Guide Attributes Table.  So you are selecting the guide set which is to be used for this rod.
Rod Length entire length of the rod.  can be recorded up to 18'11"
Action Length specifies the length of action part of the rod.
when not specified, system will default to the rod length.
Section Type select either of even length or one half  for rod sections
Rod Pieces specifies number of rod pieces
Used Bamboo selects the bamboo to be used for the rod.
Selecting "Hybrid" here requires the section information on [Rod Parts] must be specified.
Fly Line Type select DT or WF
Line Wt select Line weight number
Fishing Line Length specifies the length of fly line out of the top guide for fishing
Ferrule Type select from pull down.  The pull down entries come from Ferrule attributes table.
PF Station interval select desired PF station interval
Cross Section specifies the cross section of rod blank from Hex, Round, Quad, Penta, Octa.
Solid / Hollow select Solid or Hollow
When Hollow is selected, Used Bamboo field is changed to "Hybrid".
Users need to define Hybrid section specification at [Rod Parts].

Rod Parts Specification

Item Meaning
No. This No. identifies the parts contents as follows;

1   Rod sections
2   Fly lines
3   Top guide
4   Ferrules
5   Snake guides and Stripping guide

Item shows parts name
Suffix identifies the sequence number within the No.
Parts Type shows specified types for the parts 
Size# shows the size for the parts
Location shows where the part is attached on the rod.  The offset is from the top of the tip section.
The corresponding parts position is center of the length of the parts.
Weight shows the weight of the parts.
Length shows the length of the parts.
Rod ID shows the Rod ID to which the parts are attached.


Rod Type and Parts selection

The [Rod Type] field of rod specification tries to get the same record group by their [Rod Type] field for Top Guide, Guide, User's Guide Size Default and Grip/Reel Seat table. 

If user want to design Lure rod or Boat rod, matching guide set must be defined beforehand in those table.

Automatic Selection of Top Guide

Top guide size is automatically selected by searching Top Guide attribute table by dimension number of point 0 of the rod.

Automatic Guide arrangement and  selection of Guide size

Number of guides, Guide size and their arrangement are automatically defined from User's Guide Size Default table, Guide table.

Automatic Guide Spacing

By the programmed default, guide spacing is automatically made when [Generate Parts Data] button is pressed.  When the change is needed, next panel of [Guide Spacing] can change the spacing as you like.

Automatic Selection of Ferrule size

From taper data and rod length, ferrule location is calculated first and Ferrule Size is automatically selected by searching Ferrule Table by the dimension of the rod point.