G code/M code Definition

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This panel is designed intending most of the existing G code or M code, which are different to each other by manufacturers, could be handled in a generalized manner.

The first thing that the NC Mill users need to do is to make G code/M code entries in the dictionary which are used to move the Mill.

The offset table also defines the combination of Tool ID and Offset ID.  The Offset ID can be pulled by Tool ID when specified on the G code/M code to the effect.

How to enter the line for both tables:

Addition of a line:  Enter data at the bottom of the lines which has * mark at record selector field.

Change data:  Type over the existing data

Deletion of a line:  Click the line and confirm the record selector (triangle mark) moved to the line.  Then hit [Delete] button or [Erase/Cut] via right button of the mouse.

Deletion of entire lines:  Drag record selector fields by mouse and hi-light all the lines.  Then hit [Delete] or [Erase/Cut] via right button of the mouse.


Tooling Table

Items Meaning
Tool ID specifies the ID assigned to a cutting tool
Offset ID specifies the ID of Offset table which is unique to the cutting tool
Tool Name specifies the name of the cutting tool

G code / M code Table (Dictionary)

Items Meaning
GMcode specifies the G code or M code name
Parm specifies if the GM code invokes a parameter or not.

leave blank:  does not invoke any parameter

xxxxxx (6 small x):   shows that this GM code requires some parameter.
when this GM code is selected at NC Mill control generation, DynaRod will prompt you to enter the parameter value.

=Tool:  DynaRod will prompt to enter Tool ID here, when the GM code is selected for NC Mill control.

=Offset: DynaRod will pull Offset ID from the Tooling table which matches to the value of =Tool specification.

=X0:  DynaRod will replace this with dimension value of X=0 point of NC station.

=Taper:  DynaRod will insert the taper for the section of the rod, with reasonable leeway, basically plus one or two NC station intervals.

=Hollow: DynaRod will insert the Hollow Cutting Plan for the section of the rod.  The positioning of X columns is exactly same to those of strip planing.

Instruction describes the fundamental function of G code or M code for human friendly manner.