NC Mill Control

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This panel enable users to define Tap Header Files which can be directly used by the NC Mill.  Against the specified Tap Header file, taper data are inserted accordingly at the [PF/NC Mill control Setting] panel.

To generate Tap Header File, user invokes each G code/M code one by one from GMcode Table (Dictionary) via Add Instruction pull down.  At that time, required parameter is prompted to enter if the invoked GM code requires parameter, that is GM code is defined so at NC Code Entry by the user.

To create a new Tap Header File, start with entering (new) Tap File ID and Tap File Title on the top of the panel.  Then select GM code from the pull down.  Pull down list the entire list of NC Code Table (Dictionary) as defined.  When prompted for parameter entry, follow the instruction.

To view or modify the existing Tap Header Files, start with Display Existing Files pull down.  The pull down will list up all the existing Tap Header Files.

To enter a new line into the Tap Header File, first look at the Line# field which is located at the right upper corner of the panel.  It shows the line number where the selected GM code is located in the file.  You can artificially change this line# so that you can locate the new code as you intends.  If you want to locate a new GM code between line 10 and 20, change the line# to 15 (in between), and select GM code from the pull down by Add Instruction pull down.

The line number will control the sequence of the GM code execution when PF/NC Mill generation is performed.  It is all right even if the number 30, for instance, is displayed at the bottom of the window after the line number=250. DynaRod will sort the entries by the line number and make them in the order of line number, when creating tap file output.


Button Name Function
Reset Input Reset all the pull down box to null.  Does not erase file entries.
Copy Entry Copy an entire entries of a Tap Header File to another name Header File, for copy and modify.

Data on the Panel

Item Name Meaning
(new) Tap File ID specifies a Tap File ID which is to be created
Tap File Title name the Tap File for human friendliness
Line # shows the line number where the next entry of GM code is to be located
Display Existing File select one of the Tap File from the pull down to display the contents in the display window.
Add Instruction select one of the GM code pull down to add it into the display window at the specified line# position.
display window shows the entire lines of entry for the specified Tap Header File on Tap File ID.
Line# line number to sequence the entries
GM code self explanatory.  refer to NC code entry
Parm parameter for GM code
Instruction Brief explanation of GM code function

How to update the window entries:

To add:  Select a new GM code on Add Instruction pull down, or enter new GM code manually on the line at the bottom of the window which has * mark on record selector.

To change:  Type over the existing line

To delete:  click the line at the record selector field, then hit [Delete] or [Erase/Cut] via right button of the mouse.

To delete the entire entry:  Drag the entire lines at record selector to be hi-lightened, then hit [Delete] or [Erase/Cut] via right button of the mouse.