Top Guide Attributes

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This table is used to calculate the moment value which is caused by Top Guide.

Top guide size is decided automatically by DynaRod by searching the inner diameter of top guide's pipe in this table.   The diameter search is made by the dimension instead of diagonal since we prefer to have a lighter top guide in weight and actually we file the tip top in round shape prior to glue a top guide.

Data on Screen

Item Meaning
Rod Type The type of rod to which the top guide belongs.
This table can define several sets of guide for expected type of rod such as Fly rod, Lure rod and Boat rod.  If you want to design Fly rod by DynaRod, this table must have "Fly" guide set.  
"Fly", "Lure", "Boat" are the must words in this field though users can make additional derivations of "Lure01", "Fly-1", "BoatA" etc..  in 5 characters.
Size  Size number
Inner Diameter (inch) Inner diameter of pipe in inch
whole Weight ( ounce) The weight of top guide in ounce
Inner Diameter
Inner diameter of pipe in mm
The weight of top guide in gram