Guide Attributes

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This table defines snake guides and stripping guides for Fly rod.

This table can also define necessary sets of guide for expected rod type, such as guide set for Lure rod, or Boat rod, etc..

This table is used to calculate the moment value which is caused by guides and to arrange the guides spacing over a rod.  User's Guide Size Default table also refers  to this table and define the size of guides and the order of placement.

The guide set for Lure rod and Boat rod, author pre-defined the entries by measuring Fuji guide sets respectively.   User can change the entries according to own measurement.

Data on screen

Item Meaning
Rod Type The name of a guide set.  Within 5 characters, any number of guide set can be defined.  This field must start with the words, Fly, Lure or Boat.  e.g.  Fly-1, LureA, Boat1, etc..
Size # Numbers: for snake guides, or other guides
Snn: for stripping guide where nn is for size
Outer Dia
The outer diameter of guide ring in inch
Weight (ounce) The weight of guide in ounce
Outer Dia 
The outer diameter of guide ring in mm
Weight (gram) The weight of guide in gram