Reel Weight

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This table defines the weight of reel and full line mounted. 

This table can define any kind of reels among Fly fishing, Lure fishing and Boat fishing.
Bate reel can also be defined by categorizing it in Rod Type field, e.g. "Lure-B" (Lure rod for bate reel).

This table is used in calculating the balance of rod in [Rod Balance] function.

The weight numbers are averaged by the author from the data explained on the web site of reel makers.   User can change the contents according to own measurement.

Data on screen

the table is divided into two part, left is for ounce and right is in gram.  One set is explained below;

Item Meaning
Rod Type This table can define several kind of reels for expected type of rod such as Fly rod, Lure rod and Boat rod.   If you want to design Fly rod by DynaRod, this table must have "Fly" reel set.  
"Fly", "Lure", "Boat" are the must words in this field though users can make additional derivations of "Lure01", "Fly-1", "BoatA" etc.. 
Rod Length specify rod length if the reel is for a specific length of  Lure or Boat rods.
Reel Type for recording purpose, user can specify the type, name of reel.
Line Wt Line weight number for Fly rod
Reel + Line The weight of reel and full line
Reel WT The weight of reel
Line WT The weight of full line

When entered one (left) side of table in metric, the other (right) side of table is auto calculated in inch ounce unit, and vice versa.