Design Rod Balance

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This function allows users to view the rod balance information.

Rod Balance BMD (Basic Moment Diagram) shows two curves.  One of them is the static moment generated from the tip side and the other is the static moment generated from butt side.  The center of gravity comes at the crossing point of two curves.  Static moment means that the rod is not in movement.
This graph is plotted on inch unit always.

Function buttons

Name Function
Reset Parts Data to Default resets the modified data on the screen to the default data which comes from Typical Grip/Reel Seat arrangement table.  Grip, reel seat and reel weight information is first taken from respective tables.  User can modify those data on the panel.
toggle unit switches the unit between inch/ounce and cm/gram
Return to Archive returns to Archive screen
CALCULATE calculates both of Rod Balance BMD and center of gravity of the loaded rod with reel and full line.
This panel requires to press CALCULATE every time which is opened.
This button updates Status field and the specified parts of Grip, Reel Seat and Reel, are recorded in DynaRod as rod end parts.

Data on the screen

Item Meaning
Basic Rod Specs. upper part of screen (omitted explanation)
Component Wt
Blank weight of blanks
Ferrule weight of ferrules
Guides weight of guides
Varnish weight of varnish
Sub Total sub total of component weight
Loaded Weight ( ) are shown next to the weight
Line on Rod weight of fly line on the rod
Fore Grip weight of foregrip
(Grip Length) length of fore grip
(Grip CG Location) fore grip's center of gravity offset from butt side
Reel Seat weight of reel seat
(Reel Seat Length) length of reel seat
(Reel Seat CG Location) reel seat's center of gravity offset from butt side
(Reel Seat Type) down lock or up lock.  down/up does not mean the type of hardware making such as cap&ring nor screwed.   It only means that the reel is to be fixed down side or up side on the reel seat.  The two digits of reel seat type have meaning in whichever makings of hardware. "up" is up side fix and "dn" is for down side fix of the reel.  e.g. you can make entries in typical grip/reel seat arrangement table in such a way as "upcapring","dncapring", "upscrew",  "dnscrew", etc..
this field will pick them up and show them in pull down for your choice.  DynaRod will use "up","dn" word to locate the reel and its center of gravity on the correct place.
Reel weight of reel with full line 
(Reel CG Location) reel's center of gravity on reel seat offset from butt side
Rear Grip weight of Rear Grip
(Rear Grip Length) length of Rear Grip
(Rear Grip CG Location) Rear Grip's center of gravity offset from rod end
Sub Total sub total of loaded weight
Total Loaded Weight the total weight when the rod has reel and fly line on it.
Rod Weight the total rod weight without reel and fly line
Center of Gravity of Completed Rod the location of the balance point when the rod has reel and fly line on it.
Expected Balance Point user can specify to where the balance point is to be, from butt side.
Recommended Reel Weight in above case, recommended reel weight is calculated and displayed.