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Function General

This function displays 1" interval taper which is broken down by the propagation function.
After propagation, Dimension Graph contains the propagated taper which is stored in Archive.

In DynaRod, there is an option for users to store original taper with 1" interval, either.  This does not mean always that the original 1" taper and internal 1" taper are exactly same since there is a possibility of some varnish/glue thickness information is to be subtracted from original 1" taper.

The dimension graph shows the original taper data though it may be in 1" interval, not of  1" internal taper. (confusing)

The taper graph of 1" internal taper should be referred to the output taper graph of [Deflection/Stress], [Design by Deflection] and [Design by Stress] respectively.

Function buttons
Name Function
toggle unit switches unit between inch and mm
Copy taper to Work Area copies the propagated taper into Dimension Input Area for further work.  The propagated taper is already stored in Archive when the propagate button is pressed.