Design Straight Taper

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Function General

This is the panel to design a new rod which has a straight taper.
By using this panel with the modification capability of Dimension input panel,  user can design a rod with the method of "slope and stand up" of dimension.

How to use:
Specify three dimensions explicitly on the first three points (e.g. point 0, 5 and 10) of the specified PF Station interval respectively. 
Specify the stand up number of slope per inch.
Specify the unit of figures.
Specify if swelled butt is to be designed or not.  Swelled butt is designed according to the formula of Everett Garrison.  For heavier rods than 8 feet, Maximum swell is designed and for lighter rods, Minimum swell is designed automatically.  If you want to change this, you can use Dimension Input Panel to change dimension at each point.
And press [Generate] button
Generated taper data will be displayed on the Dimension Input panel.  To overwrite the old taper data, user needs to press [Save] button.

Function buttons
Name Function
toggle unit switches unit between inch and mm
Generate Straight Taper generates taper and shows Dimension Input panel

Input data
Item Meaning
Dimension at point 0 enter dimension number at point 0 (in case of 5" interval)
Dimension at point 5 enter dimension number at point 5 (in case of 5" interval)
Dimension at point 10 enter dimension number at point 10 (in case of 5" interval)
Slope enter the stand up number (inch) per inch on dimension.
refer to the rules of thumb data displayed at the center of panel.