Rod Specification

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Function General

User can modify basic specifications of an existing rod in DynaRod.

After entering data, press [Next] button.  If error exists, it is prompted.

Under [Change Rod Specification], there are 7 panels behind and shows up according to the progress.

Function buttons

Name Function
Reset clears all the input fields
Return to Archive returns to Archive & Menu, entered data are not recorded
Next verifies input data and show up next panel

Data on screen

Process Status field              

This field shows how much the rod design has been proceeded.  Alphabet in this field is corresponding to the short-cut key name of each function button on the Archive panel.

When the rod specification is modified, in such cases as Rod Type is changed, or as other spec. is changed, this field is set to initial status of "AB--------".  
This is to keep the integrity between the archived rod specification and the result of calculations.  So, when the rod specs. for a rod were changed, DynaRod will nullify all the existing calculation results for the rod.   Actually, though calculation results remains in data folder as excel files, DynaRod panels will work as if there is no such things.

Item Meaning
Rod ID nick name of the rod
Rod Title formal name of the rod
Rod Comments comment, memo and remarks
Rod Type (*1) select from pull down.  Pull down contents come from the entry of Rod Type in Guide Attributes Table.  So you are selecting the guide set which is to be used for this rod.
Rod Length entire length of the rod.  can be recorded up to 18'11"
Action Length specifies the length of action part of the rod.
when not specified, system will default to the rod length.
Section Type select either of even length or one half  for rod sections
Rod Pieces specifies number of rod pieces
Used Bamboo selects the bamboo to be used for the rod.
Selecting "Hybrid" here requires the section information on [Rod Parts] must be specified.
Fly Line Type select DT or WF
Line Wt select Line weight number
Fishing Line Length specifies the length of fly line out of the top guide for fishing
Ferrule Type select from pull down.  The pull down entries come from Ferrule attributes table.
PF Station interval select desired PF station interval
Cross Section specifies the cross section of rod blank from Hex, Round, Quad, Penta, Octa.
Solid / Hollow select Solid or Hollow
When Hollow is selected, Used Bamboo field is changed to "Hybrid".
Users need to define Hybrid section specification at or after [Rod Parts] panel.

*1:  In calculation for Boat Rod, it is not assumed that the rod is in casting.  When calculating the moment values, both of gravity (vertical) and acceleration (any direction) are taken into account as the causes of rod moment for fly rod and lure rod since these rods are used holding vertically.  In boat rod case, only one (vertical) direction of acceleration (usually =1G) is taken into account as the cause of moment, which is usually 1 as a static rod.

Combo box data

Often combo box carries enough selection of numbers to complete an input field but user can neglect the predefined entries and type in the numbers for most of combo boxes.