Calculate Deflection/Stress

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Function General

This panel calculates rod metrics according to the specified assumptions on the panel.

How the screen shows up

When this panel is opened, if the output excel file for this rod is already made before, prompt message will ask you to use the existing excel file to be shown.

If not, only this page can be seen and  [Graphs] tab can be seen only after the calculation finishes.

How to use

Pressing [CALCULATE] button starts the calculation with the condition specified on the panel.  When the screen is maximized, the progress status of the calculation is displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

User should be familiar with that the rod movement assumption, "Translated Rod", is used in the calculation of this function.

Function Buttons

Name Function
CALCULATE starts calculation.  This button will update Status field.
toggle unit switches the unit from ounce/pound and gram/kilo gram of weight and fish.
Return to Archive returns to Archive screen
Section Specification displays Section Specification Panel for Hybrid/Hollow options, where you can specify the detailed specs. of each section such as hollow options, the specie of used bamboo, etc..

Data on the screen

Item Meaning
Basic Rod Specs. Some of rod specs are displayed at upper part of screen with green label.
Changeable Data in calculation User can change these data before calculation.  The corresponding field in the Archive will not be changed.
used Bamboo When Hollow is selected, this field is changed to "Hybrid" automatically.
Action Length
Cross Section
Solid / Hollow select Solid or Hollow
When Hollow is selected, Used Bamboo field is changed to "Hybrid" and [Section Specification] button becomes visible.
Users need to define Hybrid section specification via the displayed [Section Specification] button.
Line Wt Line Type and Line Weight #
Line to Fish specify the line length to fish.
The following fields will update the corresponding field in the Archive.
Rod Speed ordinary 4 G for comparison purpose.
When select Boat Rod, this field is changed to 1G.
Fly When select Lure Rod, this field is changed to Lure.
Fish Wt can be specified as fish is on.