Deflection in Casting

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This graph shows the rod deflection from phase 1to phase 4.  

Since each phase increases the acceleration, rod increases the degree of flexure accordingly. 

User should see how the rod changes the shape in each phase and why it becomes so.
You can see a rod would bend most when it receives load (or force) from perpendicular direction.  So, when the rod rotate, the load on the rod may be less than the load which moves aside in translated fashion.

As the appearance of graph may differ according to how the axes scale is specified.  So, it is important to understand the deflection by numbers, these are Rod Angle and Top Tangent Angle, as stated in the top page of this function.

Rod Angle generally determines the so called rod action in Fast, Medium and Slow, and the feeling of stiffness of the rod.

To view the contents of bend angles, refer to Action Genome graph.