Dimension Graph

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Up Trace Dimensions

This graph shows dimension resulted by this function, in the form of comparison between converted from and converted to. Blue line shows the resulted dimensions and red line is the template dimensions.

The resulted taper can be stored with new RodID in the Archive.  Please click [up] in the navigation at left and find the explanation of [Save as new] button.

There is such an occasion that the tip part of the resulted taper graph jumped  up or sink down irregularly.  This is caused by the non realistic genome drawing at Deflection Designer. It is probable that people tend to believe that Action Genome can be drawn freely.  It is not correct.  Genome curve must be practical.

Bamboo has its own stiffness by means of MOE.  The more dimension becomes less, the higher its MOE must be.   So, if Action Genome is designed higher than practical expectation, DynaRod will try to realize the flexure and make some part of dimension to less numbers.  As the result, the remained tip part, that is often point 0 and 1, becomes higher than previous point.

Jump up of taper at tip top seems be resulted thus because of excessively higher Genome value at the point.  To avoid this phenomena, try to draw a practical Genome curve at Deflection Designer.   Usually the Genome line which pass through value=0 at point 0 will generate practical dimensions of tip top.  Natural genome curve which start from 0 at point 0 will generate natural dimension result of tip top.